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In the spirit of Team India, PM Modi strengthens cooperative federalism

22 Sep 2022

New Delhi [India], September 22 (ANI): With a host Centre-State conferences and meetings, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been in a constant endeavour to infuse strength to cooperative federalism in the spirit of Team India.

PM will inaugurate the National Conference of Environment Ministers of all States tomorrow via video conferencing.

Prime Minister's participation in such national conferences with an audience of predominantly state's policymakers, follows a clear pattern and conscious attempt on his part to provide national perspective and outlook while nurturing the spirit of cooperative federalism and 'Team India'.

Earlier on September 10, PM Modi inaugurated 'Centre-State Science Conclave' in Ahmedabad via video conferencing. On August 25, PM Modi addressed the National Labour Conference of Labour Ministers of all States and UTs.

Further in June, Prime Minister went to Dharamshala to attend the two-day National Conference of Chief Secretaries, which was the first such conference to be organised, where he brainstormed with the senior most bureaucrats of the country for better implementation of various policies.

On April 30, PM Modi inaugurated the Joint Conference of CM of the States and Chief Justices of High Courts. Prime Minister's leadership in nurturing the spirit of 'Team India' via organisation of such national conferences can be best exemplified by timely and periodic meetings with CMs of States/UTs during the COVID pandemic.

From March 2020 till April 2022, PM Modi chaired twenty such meetings. He had said that the challenge posed by 'once in a century pandemic' could be tackled only by a coordinated action by centre and states fetched rich dividends to the country. This coordination also came handy in the successful implementation of World's biggest COVID vaccination programme. Similarly, PM Modi has taken keen interest in the annual DGP/IGP conferences and has ensured that he attends each conference organised since 2014. The annual conferences, which used to be customarily organised in Delhi before 2014, are now being organised across the country, with an exception of 2020, when it was organised through Video conferencing. The conference was organised at Guwahati in 2014; Dhordo, Rann of Kutch in 2015; National Police Academy, Hyderabad in 2016; BSF Academy, Tekanpur in 2017; Kevadiya in 2018; IISER, Pune in 2019 and Lucknow in 2021. In another example of the Prime Minister's commitment in developing the national perspective on policy matters by involving all stakeholders of Team India, PM Modi has chaired seven Governing Council meetings of NITI Aayog in the last eight years. Similarly, the Prime Minister has addressed multiple National Conference of Governors, where he has emphasised on ensuring national development and meeting the needs of the common man. Further, there are instances of PM Modi's participation in National conferences for improvement of farmer's income, women development, and on diverse issues like tourism, culture, sports, e-Governance etc. (ANI)

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