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Qantas calling back 22,000 employees in preparation for tourists

Robert Besser
24 Oct 2021

SYDNEY, Australia: Qantas Airlines has announced the resumption of international flights from Sydney.

This follows Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's decision to allow travelers to return in November.

Beginning in November, traveling via Sydney will be possible for inoculated Australians with permanent residency, as well as citizens, and without the mandatory quarantining at hotels after returning to Australia.

Earlier in October, the prime minister confirmed that Australians, migrant workers with skillsets, as well as students, will be prioritized over and above international tourists for entry into Sydney.

Further, Morrison said he expects tourists to return to Australia later in 2021.

"That is very possible and very achievable before the end of the year," he noted.

Meanwhile, Qantas confirmed the return of flights to destinations, including Fiji, South Africa, Singapore, and Thailand within weeks. The carrier additionally announced it will be launching flight service to India's capital, New Delhi, in December.

According to Qantas, travel demand had spiked after mandated quarantine rules were dropped.

The carrier's employee force of 22,000, and that of its wholly-owned low-cost airline Jetstar, will return to work in December.

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