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Shell promotes low polluting jet fuel, but price prohibitive

Robert Besser
23 Sep 2021

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: Royal Dutch Shell has made a major commitment to manufacture low carbon emissions aviation fuel over the next four years, in a bid to encourage airlines to lower the emission of greenhouse gases.

Aviation, which constitutes three percent of carbon emissions globally, is viewed as being among the most challenging sectors to transform due to the few alternate technologies to petroleum-driven engines.

Shell, among the largest oil companies globally, is targeting a two-million-tonne sustainable aviation fuel production goal in the coming four years, thereby translating to manufacturing 10 times that of the current output globally.

Less polluting fuels, derived from animal- and plant-derived fats, is capable of lowering aircraft emissions by nearly 80 percent, according to Shell.

The company, currently supplying low polluting fuels manufactured by Neste, announced on September 20 that it is prioritizing the distribution of green jet fuel for blends with conventional aircraft fuel.

Numerous obstacles stand in the way of increasing the use of low polluting fuel, chiefly driven by the pricing, which is nearly eight times higher than standard aviation fuel.

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